Eco-friendly Wooden Wedding Rings For Sale

What Makes Really Better?

When deciding where to buy your wood wedding or engagement ring, I urge you to consider total value and cost verses initial purchase price alone. If you buy from an amateur crafter, it might be more expensive in the long run, even if that wedding band is cheaper up front. Fact is that the best value is here at, and I can prove it.

The truth is that wood rings aren’t a strong as metal ones. Now, with proper care, your wooden ring will last a lifetime, but the fact remains that accidents happen. Well, I offer the strongest, best wood rings in the world. Even better, I can prove it. If your ring is damaged and needs to be replaced, I’ll replace it.

Yes, you read right. I will replace your ring if it needs it at my cost. How’s that for a powerful statement showing my trust in my product?

Keep in mind, you can’t purposefully mistreat the ring and take advantage of this guarantee. Also, as each ring is hand made one at a time, your replacement ring may not look exactly like your original.

The way this replacement guarantee works is simple. You send me your damaged ring. Several weeks pass, and then your replacement shows up in your mailbox. In short, if your ring needs to be replaced, we’ll replace it. You don’t have to pay anything (besides shipping).

How Can I Afford to Replace A Ring For Free?

I don’t replace rings. Of course, I promise to, but the my products just don’t break. They have far more strength than an average wooden ring.

Keep in mind, the ring can be damaged through abuse (harsh chemicals, long submersion in liquid, prolonged abrasive contact or sharp edges). Rule of thumb is if it would hurt your skin, it’ll damage the ring.

Bentwood Means Quality

Wood rings can be made a few different ways. The least strongest (and least unique) way is to just cut a circle out of wood. Laminating pieces different directions and then cutting out the ring is better, but the best way is to use the bentwood technique.

Bentwood rings are made from thin strips of wood that are heated until they are flexible but not burning. Boiling or steaming is often used to do the actual heating. Believe it or not, this makes the thin strips flexible enough to wind into the shape of a ring. The strips round and glued together. Then the final shaping and polishing makes it into a beautiful wedding ring.

After finishing, the layers aren’t visible. It becomes a piece of circular magic displaying glorious wood grain all around.

If you guessed that the rings here are bentwood rings, you guessed right.

What Kind of Wood Makes A Good Ring?

You want to use hardwood, but the counterpoint to that is that the wood needs to be bendable using the bentwood technique. Maple and walnut are excellent choices.

Some rings are beautiful because of their single color and solidarity. Others look good because of contrasting coloring and layering of a second species. Others derive their beauty of a crusted stone inlay. Alternatively, metal wire can be used as an inlay too (e.g. silver, gold, titanium, tungsten).

You can request pretty much any kind of design, and I’ll make you a ring in that style. All rings are customizable in any way you prefer. In fact, I’ll even take your materials for making a ring. This is where it gets really exciting.

You can ship me a piece of wood, or some stone sample, antler even, and I’ll use your materials to fashion a truly one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry for you. If there’s something wood or stone that has great sentimental meaning to you, why not have that put into a ring of your own to cherish forever?

If you want a custom ring like this, contact me directly, and we’ll create one for you.

Where Are These Rings Made?

My rings are made in the United States of America. I live in the tiny village of Wales, Wisconsin, which sits about twenty miles west of Milwaukee. These rings are made the way things should be, one at a time in a little workshop by a craftsman.

Speaking of the craftsman, that’s me, Nathan. I love making and creating. There’s a special joy that comes from turning raw materials into a highly desirable end product by hand. You can share in that joy when you wear a ring from me.

In addition there are some rings that I offer here that come from a few other ring crafters.

But, What About Daily Wear and Tear?

That’s an excellent question. It’s true that little by little the finish on a wooden ring can degrade through daily use. So, I figured I’d take care of that for you too.

I offer free annual refinishing of your ring for life. Here’s how it works. You send me your ring once a year. I do ask that you pay for shipping both ways, but it’s not much given the size and weight of a ring.

If there are any scratches, I sand and buff them out. Then I reseal your ring and mail it back to you good as new.

You can take advantage of this once per year. You mail your ring, and I make it new again for you for free.

Own an Awesome Alternative Wedding Ring!

You get more with a ring from me than you’ll get anywhere else. Let’s recap:

  • Free replacement guarantee (only one replacement per original purchase)
  • Free annual refinishing
  • Choose what kind of wood you want in your ring (if you want to – like koa or beautiful black ebony)
  • You get the strongest wood ring because it’s made using the bentwood technique
  • And you get a beautiful piece of jewelry that is handcrafted just for you
  • Great selection of men’s, women’s, and matching sets

Order a ring today.