About Us

I know the title says about “us” and other parts of the store speak in the first-person plural, but there is just one maker/craftsman behind Woodisbetter.com (although some of the rings I offer come from fellow ring makers).

That’s me and my family there on the Milwaukee River Walk.

Pennington family

I believe that we have the right to choose to live and to express ourselves however we want, provided we hurt no one. A specific application of that worldview is choosing what kind of ring to use at your wedding. Tradition says it must be gold. For an engagement ring, there must be a diamond.

What if wood is more beautiful to you?

What if you don’t want to conform to what everyone says you must do?

What if you don’t agree with how mining is done (e.g. Did Someone Die For Your Diamond? – Amnesty International)?

Truth is, you do have a choice, I believe. I have a choice and so do you. I choose to craft beautiful jewelry using the bentwood technique. You choose to use it as a symbol of your love for your life-partner and your respect for our environment.

Creativity is life

I’ve been creating things since as long as I can remember. Didn’t much matter what it was, as long as I ended up with something cool at the end of the creative process.

Before I was 10, I’d created several boardgames (sadly, none have survived).

I wrote poetry, badly.

At age 15, I built a mountain dulcimer and taught myself to play.

In my twenties, I tried my hand at novel writing, completing four unpublished manuscripts.

A few years later, I decided I wanted to create virtually and build software. I taught myself programming and got a job as a software developer.

Now, I’ve had enough of the virtual world and again feel that urge to create something that I can hold in my hand. That is why I am making wooden wedding rings.

I’d love to hear from you. Feel free to reach out to me. Write to me.