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Get Her Ring Size – 5 Fun, Undetectable Ways To Measure Her Finger

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Popping the question with a ring in hand feels amazing for both of you. Totally sweeping her off her feet because she had no idea you were going to propose now, it shows her that you are a guy who has it together. The kicker is you need to know her ring size to pull this off.

Of course, there are the standard ways to do this. For example, you could “borrow” one of her rings if she has some laying around, get her sister or friend to ask her what her ring size is, measure her finger in her sleep, or just ask her mom if she knows. I’m guessing that if you’re still out hunting for a way to find her ring size, it’s because these standard ways won’t work for you for one reason or another.

What You Need To Do First

Ask yourself, is she the serious type? Does she have a playful side? You know her; what is she like? Could you pull off something silly and fun? To be honest, if she is so straight-laced that you initiating some fun and games will raise her suspicions, you need to fix that first.

Start doing random, fun things with her and to her. Then after several spontaneous episodes, she’ll be unsuspecting when you do one of the following to get her ring size.

And Now, Get Her Ring Size

All of these methods work on misdirection, much like how a magician does his work. You get all her attention focused on something completely unrelated to what you are really doing.

Any good magician knows that for misdirection to work, you really have to “sell” the story of what is supposed to be going on. You direct attention here, but the real stuff is going on over there.

To warm you up, here’s a fascinating TED talk with a pick pocket showing off his misdirection craft. It’s just 8 minutes, and I guarantee you’ll want to watch it twice (as in, no way, how’d he do that?).


Method One – Fingers And Toes

Start by telling her that you read a new skeleton has just been unearthed and already there is talk of how this could be one of the biggest archaeological discoveries of the decade. Next tell her that you didn’t think much of it (perhaps you relate that you were even skeptical yourself) until you realized that your ancestry ties you to this skeleton. Say, “It has to do with fingers and toes.”

Now wait, and let that sink in. If you’ve done it right, you’ve got her hooked. You’ve said some crazy stuff, and she’s waiting for you to back it up. Do so now. Here’s how.

Say you read that this skeleton had thicker fingers vs. toes than modern humans, so much so that it was noteworthy. They measured the circumference of the five right toes took an average, measured the circumference of all five fingers (thumb included) and averaged that as well.
It was found that the hand average exceeded the toe average by 50%. Say that you did the measurements on yourself and found that you were close…around 40% greater.

The idea here is you measure her finger and hide that in plain sight by measuring other digits all wrapped up figuratively in a odd (i.e. mentally distracting) story.

Now just wait. There’s a good chance she won’t believe you. Challenge her, and say you’ll prove it. Or possibly she’ll ask you to check her. Or yet another possibility is that she’ll dismiss the whole thing.

No matter what her response is, your objective is to measure all her toes and fingers, take some averages and play it up. Naturally, the key will be getting the ring finger measured on the correct hand.

So, let’s say she doesn’t believe you. Tell her you’ll prove her wrong. Hunt down some string and a ruler. Of course, you don’t want to have these things handy, or it’ll look contrived. If the measurements confirm your assertion, act triumphant, and say you want to measure her. Goal achieved.

On the other hand, she if she dismisses the whole thing, all is not lost. Insist just once that you want to measure her fingers and toes. If she let’s you, mission accomplished. If not, then don’t ask again, but go hunting for that string and ruler. Once you find them, start measuring her toes and fingers.

It’s rather unlikely that she’ll stop you. You’ve given her a reason why, and you’ve let her know it’s bugging you. Just do it, and you’ll get your measurement.

Remember, you’ll need to jot down all the measurements so you can take averages. DON’T save the paper. Just remember the measurement you need. Also, take the measurements by wrapping a string around a knuckle and then laying it out flat and seeing how long it is against a ruler. Finally, if she wants to see the news article that you are basing this whole story on, make a show of hunting for it. Even search google for it, and act frustrated that you can’t find it. Remember, misdirection.

Method 2 – Clay handprint

You can probably guess where this one is going from the title. The gist is you get your girlfriend to press her hand into clay, and then you measure how wide the knuckle is on the ring finger.

So, to do this you need clay and a reason why she should make a hand print. Making clay is the easy part. Here’s how to make air dry clay.

Next, you need a reason, a misdirection, to get her to push her hand into that clay. You could use any of these ideas.

  • You want something memorable of her to keep on your desk at work. Explain that pictures are good, but everyone has them. Say you want a hand print of hers next to a hand print of yours. Then roll out the clay and press your hands into them.
  • Does she have a niece or nephew and an older relative nearby? Make a clay print of the little one, her, and the older one explaining that you’ve shown all three generations with contrasting hand size and shapes. Keep it on a fireplace mantle or somewhere similar.
  • Say you want to make a gift for your grandma, kind of like you used to when you were a kid. Make the clay print of both of your hands, paint it and actually give it to your grandma. Do make sure you get your measurement first. It’s perfectly okay to clue grandma in to what’s go on.

Method Three – Play-Doh Rings

This works best if there is a child that you or she are related to nearby. The setup is this. You are going to get the selected child (could be a younger sibling, niece, nephew, person she regularly babysits, etc.) some Play-Doh.

Kids absolutely love the stuff. JMake sure that the parents are okay with what you are doing; check first.

Next when the three of you are together (proactively make this happen if you need to), break out the Play-Doh. Play with the little one yourself. If this is out-of-character for you, and your girlfriend questions you, just say that you didn’t get to play enough with the stuff when you were younger and you are making up for lost time.

Make a ring for the child. Go all out and make a Play-Doh jewel for it and everything. Then make one for yourself.

If your girlfriend is playing with you, you’re all set, but if she isn’t, call her over. Show her your rings. Take yours off and put it on her. Then pinch it a bit so that it forms around her knuckle. Bam! You got her ring size.

Take the ring off her and casually slip it on your little finger. If it doesn’t slide all the way down, that’s fine. Just don’t change the size of it.

As soon as she loses interest (or you excuse yourself to visit the restroom), drop the ring into your pocket and take great care not to crush it.

Later you can trace the inside, and you’ve got it!

Method Four – Hand tracing

Very similar to the method above, all you need is a hand tracing, and you can measure the width of the left knuckle.

What you really need is an excuse to make a hand tracing. If it’s around thanksgiving, then you’ve got the reason of seasonality. If you’re not familiar with hand turkey drawings, check out this guide for children.

Bring it up as a silly, little fun thing to do together. And then hang the pictures on the fridge.

Another excuse to do a tracing that doesn’t rely on the time of the year is hand size comparison. When you’re spending time together, hold you hand up against hers and compare size.

Complain that it’s hard to see the size comparison clearly, but a line drawing would make the distinction clear. Hunt around for some paper and pen or pencil. Don’t have these things prepared and gathered already as that will shatter the illusion of spontaneity.

After the tracing is made, put it up on the fridge and pay no more attention to it. Later when you have a moment, take your measurement.

Method Five – Ring of Fire

Find a piece of string or yarn and measure how long it is. This might be the most mathematically complex and yet least precise method in this list. How’s that for a bit of irony?

You are going to wrap this string around your girlfriend’s left ring finger knuckle, and you must mentally note how many times it wraps around.

Let’s look at an example. Let’s say you have a piece of string that’s 150 millimeters long. Continuing the example, let’s say it wraps two and two-thirds times around. To get the circumference, you need to divide. 150mm / 2.67 = 56.18mm

That means the ring size would be a 7.75 using the chart referenced below in the notes for success (obviously, always round up).

The key to making this work is the reason you give for wrapping a string around her finger. All you need to do is make up a little story.

Say this in a whimsical fashion. Explain that you read that the Lord of the Rings author J.R.R. Tolkien got the idea of a ring that had to be destroyed in fire from the fire ring parlor trick. Naturally, all this is just made up.

Wrap your string around her finger, note how many times it went around, and then pull it off like you are trying to start a lawn mower. Ask if she felt the fire because of the friction.

Most likely she’ll think you’re being stupid. That’s exactly what you want. Shrug and discard the string. She’ll forget about this, but you have the data needed to figure her ring size.

You win…well, in the end you both do!

Notes For Success:

  1. Make sure you measure the knuckles as that’s the widest part of a finger.
  2. Take the measurements in millimeters for accuracy and easier math.
  3. To convert finger circumference or diameter to ring size, use this chart.
  4. Remember, the stories are all misdirection. Play the part and most importantly, stay loose.