Rustic Wood Ring Box

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  • Handmade from a solid box of wood and a piece of stone
  • Free shipping
  • Each one is made to order
  • Ships in 3 day from when you place your order (as it's made just for you)
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You might wonder, “Why would I want a ring box (even an awesome looking one) when I just got a wooden ring? I want to show this off to the world! I’m not taking it off.”

Easy there. Truth is, you’ll want to take the ring off more than if it were made of metal.


To protect your awesome ring. It’s made of wood, and while it’s strong, it’s not able to handle hardcore physical abuse (much like us humans). So, if you’re going to weed the garden, wash the dishes, or do some spring cleaning, slip the ring off. Drop it in this box.

Do that and your ring will be worn by someone else long after you’re gone.

Please note that your ring box will look similar to what you see in the picture. Fortunately, it will not look exactly like it. This ring box isn’t made in a factory. No one in a soul-crushing job had to watch two hundred of these go down the assembly line today.

It’s unique and handmade, and when you click the add to cart button, it’ll be yours as well.

  • Solid wood base. It’s carved from a single piece.
  • Inside is lined with soft felt that’ll kindly cushion your rings.
  • The top is a slab of rock.
  • The top swivels easily around the solid brass screw that connect the rock top and wood body.
  • Your satisfaction is guaranteed is a meaningless statement. So, let’s make this real. You’ll love this ring box or you’ll send it back and owe nothing. Not even shipping.
  • There is one catch. To have this awesomeness, you have to add it to your cart. It’s time. Click add to cart.