Koa Wood Wedding Rings

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Showing all 2 results

Two Reasons Koa Wood Is More Valuable Than Other Woods

First, since it only grows in Hawaii, its supply is limited. Second, wild pigs there like to eat the bark off of Koa saplings, which can kill them. All this adds up to a wood that is much more rare than a “common” wood like maple or walnut.

It’s beautiful and highly prized. Given it’s limited supply and beauty, and you’ve got a recipe for very high prices. Luckily for you, wood rings don’t require much wood. That’s good news as large blocks of Koa can go for shockingly high prices.

The flame or curl (I think it looks a bit like tiger stripes) is what makes the wood look so pretty. When wrapped into a bentwood ring, it’s simply gorgeous. Speaking of making the ring, let’s chat about why these rings are the best.

What Makes Your Hawaiian Koa Wedding Bands the Best?

I could go on and on about how our rings are the best, our construction process second-to-none, and how your rings will last a lifetime.

While I could tell you all that, would you really believe it? I’m going to guess you wouldn’t, and that’s okay. If I were in your shoes, I wouldn’t believe it either.

Instead, I’m going to prove to you that our rings are the best value. First, they are handmade by a wood ring craftsman. Second, we’ll refinish your ring once per year. You pay the shipping (not much as a ring is so light), but the refinishing is totally free for life.

Lastly, we offer one free ring replacement if the ring fails due to poor workmanship.

You already know why Koa is expensive. Furthermore, my labor isn’t free. Yet, I’m willing to risk taking that loss just for you. The reason is that my rings just don’t break. Think about that. If I was always making free replacements, I’d be out of money in no time.

As it is, however, that’s not the case. I stand behind my rings 100%, and I’m willing to put my money were my mouth is. That’s how you know that these are the best value you could invest in.

What If I Want A Custom Ring?

So, you’re looking at the current selection, and it’s just not doing it for you. You know you want to buy a ring here, and you know you want it to be a Hawaiian ring, but you want it different in some way.

Here’s an easy solution; I custom make rings, and all you need to do is contact me. Go here[add contact us link], and we’ll make you a one-of-a-kind beauty.

Ready To Order?

It’s time. Pick your favorite, and add it to your shopping cart. It’ll be handcrafted just for you, and you’ll love it. I guarantee it!