Men's Wood Wedding Rings

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Showing all 3 results

The Look Of a Man’s Ring

Thicker, solid wood rings look masculine. Provided you’ve gotten the right size, a ring from WoodIsBetter is an investment that will last a lifetime. This is possible as the wooden bands are the highest quality because they are made using the bentwood technique, and they come with a lifetime quality (with free replacement) guarantee.

Again, it’s super important that you get the sizing right for several reasons.

  • You can’t get it resized
  • You’re going to be taking it off more often than with a metal ring
  • As a wood ring is easier to damage than a metal ring, it’ll be important to take it off when doing any physical work to protect the ring. So, if you get one that’s extra snug that is difficult to take off, well, that’s just no good.

While a lighter colored wood could be considered a man’s ring, I’d recommend going with something darker. Ebony, walnut and Koa make great men’s rings. Point beings a darker color makes a strong statement.

Also, a stone inlay is generally not going to look good in a man’s ring. Rather, the simplest look of a solid wood ring is one of my favorite, but a metal wire inlay is also tasteful. Additionally, a metal ring with a wood inlay is another excellent option, especially if the ring might be subjected to greater wear and tear in daily usage. The metal base gives it more strength.

If you’ve never worn a wooden ring before, the lightness of the ring can be odd and off-putting at first. While the rings look and feel solid, they weigh quite a bit less than their metal counterparts. In time, you won’t even notice it. I think the lightness is a benefit (once you’re used to it) as it feels it’s not even there.

Proven Life-long Quality

All the rings you see are handmade by an expert in the bentwood technique. It makes the strongest wood ring possible, and it’s guaranteed for life. In fact, I’ll replace your ring for free if it ever fails due to any flaw in workmanship.

Also, I’ll refinish your ring once per year too. And yes, that is also for free!

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