Women's Wooden Wedding Rings

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Showing all 2 results

Wood rings are special. Uncommon even. So, is the special woman you are going to marry. Grace her finger with a ring that she’ll love for as long as your love will last. Properly taken care of, a wooden ring will outlive you.

Generally, a female version of a ring is more delicate than a man’s. It’s thinner and more feminine. Make it out of wood and it’s eco-friendly as well!

What You Need To Consider When Shopping For a Ring For Her

While we obviously think wood is better, there are some things you need to keep in mind. As wood is softer than metal, it is more easily damaged. The ring will need to be removed more frequently than a metal one (e.g. doing dishes or gardening).

That makes getting the right size even more important. It’s got to slip off and on easily, but still fit right. Also as wooden rings cannot be resized, you’ll need to insure you’re getting the correct size. Measure the ring finger three times through out the day to insure you’ve got a correct measurement.

Why Buy From WoodisBetter.com

First, you get free refinishing of the ring for life. Once a year, you can send the ring back for polishing and refinishing. Proper care is huge when caring for a wood ring to make it last a lifetime.

Second, you get a free replacement if anything should happen to the ring. Yep. If the ring fails due to workmanship, send it back, and we’ll hand make a brand new one just for you.

Lastly, each ring we ship is lovingly made by hand using the bentwood technique. Simply put, thin strips of wood are formed into a ring that’s got strength and toughness. You simply can’t find a better woman’s wooden wedding ring anywhere.

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