Wood Inlay Rings For Sale

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If you’re trying to decide if you should get a wood ring or one with a wood inlay, then consider how much abuse your hands get. If you have rough hands or if you get cuts or nicks on your hands, then an inlay ring is better for you.

The metal band of the inlay ring will protect the ring much better. You might even like the look more. I prefer a solid wooden ring, but it’s still a much more alternative choice. As such, a wood inlay ring is a good compromise.

Care Considerations for Rings With Inlays

While rings with metal bases are able to withstand much more, you still want to be cautious with your ring. The wood will gouge if something sharp strikes it.

Water is another thing you need to be aware of. While the ring is water resistant, don’t assume it’s water proof. Many wood inlay rings are made with wood that’s impregnated with resin, but even still wood and water don’t mix.

Better to be safe than sorry. Care properly for your ring, and it’ll last a hundred years and be worn by your grandchildren.

Special Notes Regarding Inlay Rings on WoodIsBetter.com

If you browse around the site, you’ll see references to free annual refinishing and free replacement for damaged rings mentioned. This does not apply to rings with metal bases here. These rings don’t need refinishing, and are designed to be damage resistant.