Wooden Wedding Ring Sets

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Showing all 2 results

Why Buy a Set?

You can “make” a set by buying to of the same style of ring, picking the correct sizes. As such, any ring on this site could be made into a set. So, why would you want to buy a set that is specifically marketed as such?

Two rings that are sold specifically as a set will have more in common. They are going to be more of a match than other two rings ordered together. There is a greater chance that they get made from the same piece of wood right next to each other.

Now that said, they are going to still have differences and be unique. Given that they are handmade, it couldn’t be any other way (not without losing the handmade part and actually manufacturing these with machines).

What Wearing a Set Means

It shows unity. It shows it at a level above and beyond what is already required for marriage. Please understand, I’m not saying that being on the same page isn’t important, nor am I saying that these rings impart any magic.

If you two aren’t spiritually one, these rings won’t fix that. However, if you are mentally unified, a wooden ring set is the perfect way to show the world.

You guys are inseparable. You are one, and these sets echo that.

Choose Wisely

Make sure you both love the design and look before ordering. And make sure that you’ve got your sizes correct. Measure several times over the course of a day to insure you know just how big of a ring to get.

Also, if you want a set, but you don’t quite like what you see here, get in touch. I’d love to custom make a set for you. Reach out to me and I’ll make just want you want. Guaranteed.