Are the rings really handmade?

They sure are. I feel a real connection to them while making them (I know that sounds sappy…I can’t help it), and I know will feel that when you get yours and put it on.

In no way, do these rings get mass produced. I make these myself in Wales, Wisconsin (near Milwaukee).

How are they made?

These ring are made using the bentwood technique. In short, very thin strips of food are heated just enough to make them flexible. Then they are wrapped around a cylinder and allowed to cool.

When cooled, the wood strip forms a natural ring. Next, we great care, the wood ring is glued together. The wraps of wood layers makes for a very string ring. The ring is sanded to shape next, and then finished to bring out it’s natural beauty.

Who makes them?

My name is Nathan, and I make the rings. Click here to read a bit more about me. Creating useful, beautiful things like these wooden wedding rings is my passion.

What is the free annual refinishing?

Glad you asked! The fact is that any ring takes a lot of abuse. We use our hands to do all kinds of work, and that’s okay. Metal rings absorb this heavy use better than wood rings as metal is relatively tough. However, if damaged (scratched or dinged), a metal ring is more difficult than a wood ring to restore.

Here is the plain fact. I’ll refinish your ring once per year to keep in in excellent condition. I do ask that you pay the shipping, but it isn’t much as a ring is so small and light. So, once per year, you send in your ring and a week later I send it back to you looking like new. This page explains it a bit more.

What is the free replacement (and how does it work)?

If your ring gets damaged, you get one free replacement. Send in the broken/damaged ring, and I’ll make you a new one similar to the original and mail it to you.

I want to stress that this isn’t something I’m taken up on much. The rings I make hold up exceptionally well, but I offer this anyway for total piece of mind. You know that you are covered even if a mistake happens. Here’s a bit more detail, if you’d like.

How long do wooden wedding rings last?

As long as you want it to. Ha, not a very useful answer, I know. Let me try again. If you care for the ring by taking it off before doing hard work (weeding the garden or changing oil for example), and if you send it in for annual refinishing, then it’ll last as long as you do.

Guaranteed, or I’ll replace your ring.

What is proper wooden wedding ring care?

  • Take it off if you’re going to do any kind of strenuous work.
  • Get it refinished once per year
  • Keep it dry. It’s designed to be water resistant, but the drier it you keep it, the better.
  • If your ring was finished with beeswax (a more natural, less shiny finish), then you can periodically rub some beeswax into it. Periodically might mean weekly or monthly depending on what you do physically in day-to-day life

What is the significance of wooden wedding rings?

The wearer of a wooden wedding ring publicly shows several things. One, he or she is making a statement that the environment is important and sustainability is key (I totally believe it is too).

Second, the wearer is saying that he or she doesn’t give a damn about conventions and what others think. What matters is what makes sense…what is right. Whether that is what people think is proper or accepted doesn’t matter.

If you wear a wooden ring, good for you. We are kindred spirits.