How To Design a Custom Wooden Ring That’ll Look Awesome

Step one is making sure you know the ring size you want. Sure, it’s an obvious point, but this isn’t something to “guestimate.” as wood rings cannot be resized. (Click here for a printable pdf to measure ring size easily.)

Then the real designing begins. You need to select a color of wood for the ring base. Optionally, you also need to select a contrasting accent wood, and an inlay.

No worries. I’m going to cover all these to make sure you’ve got it. Let’s dive in.

1. Pick a Base Wood

The entire ring can be made from one kind of wood. It’ll have a much simpler look, but that’s okay. There’s beauty in simplicity and minimalism.

plain wood rings

On the other hand, if you want to contrast woods, that is also a good look. Which do you like?

solid wood ring
Made from only one kind of wood
Walnut ring with contrasting maple center
Walnut ring with contrasting maple center

If you already know what kind of wood you want, then you’re done with this step.

You don’t need to pick by wood, however. It can simpler to think of three variations that you can choose from: light (e.g. like maple), mid-tone (e.g. like oak), and dark (e.g like walnut).

Before moving on, decide on a base wood color and if you want to add other options (contrasting wood and inlays).

2. Contrasting Wood

If you want to do a contrasting wood, pick a sharply contrasting color for best visual effect. Go dark accent on a light base or vice versa.

Another consideration is the thickness of the contrasting wood strip. When ordering, make a note regarding this. Do you want the contrast to be a thin strip or dominate looking?

3. Adding an Inlay

You can add a contrasting wood and an inlay, but your ring will look “busy” and the beauty of both the inlay and contrast will somewhat offset each other. I recommend that you go with either a contrast or an inlay.

For inlays you can select metal or stone. Metal inlays will be thin like a wire almost. custom ring

Stone inlays are made by crushing softer stones and tightly gluing them into place in the ring. maple wood ring

Turquoise is common as it’s easily crushed and put in place in a ring. And of course, it looks awesome.

Also, if you have a crushable stone that you want to use as an inlay, contact me, and I will use that in your custom ring.

4. Ring Finish

Last decision is what kind of finish you want on the ring. You have a choice between two kinds, and neither is universally better than the other. It really comes down to what you do and what the ring will be exposed to.

Your finish choices are beeswax or Cyanoacrylate (CA for short). CA produces a shiny finish that is very hard. It’s also brittle. If your ring is exposed to harsher than normal use (if you work a lot with your hands through out the day), the CA will rub off faster.

No matter what, the CA finish will rub off. The question is how quickly will that happen. So, if you use your hands a lot in your day-to-day activities, then a beeswax finish will be better.

The downside is that the ring will not have the glass-like finish as it would with CA. The good news is you can rub some more beeswax into the ring as often as you’d like to keep it protected on an ongoing basis.

While you could apply CA to your ring too, it really should be lightly sanded before doing so, and that’s just a bit too much hassle for regular maintenance.

No matter what finish you pick, I always offer free annual refinishing for life.

Decision Time

Pick a base wood and optionally a contrasting wood or inlay. Pick a finish, and I’ll have that perfect ring ready for you in a couple of weeks.

I think that darker woods make better base woods. Using a light wood contrast makes for a nice, earthy feel. Using a metal or stone inlay is a bit more of a “refined” look. Neither is better than the other; it really is just what you like better.

Not sure what you want just yet. That’s not a problem. Reach out to me for some guidance. I will not pressure you in any way to buy a ring, and no question is too basic.

Together we’ll see if a custom ring is right for you and how you want it designed. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Or if you know what you want, contact me to start a conversation. Tell me what you’re looking for, and we’ll make it happen.